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The HUB has two upcoming packing events, we are in need of supplies to assemble cleaning buckets sent to victims of flood and other disasters. 

  • Dish liquid 16-34 oz bottles

  • Fabuloso liquid household cleaner

  • 16 to 40 oz. Bottles  (Dollar Tree)

  • Scrub brushes (Dollar Tree)  no toilet or dish brushes

  • Scouring pads, usually green (Dollar Tree) no stainless steel or brillo

  • Wooden clothespins  36 or 50 count (Dollar Tree or Walmart)

  • Leather-palmed work gloves

  • Rubber reusable gloves (Dollar Tree)

  •  *With the liquids please stick with the specified ounces, bigger is not better - 15 items have to fit in a bucket with a lid securely attached.

Upcoming Dates

Packing Events: 


Volunteer Appreciation Event: 



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